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28 January 2012

The EYES Have It!

Oh, these guys are easy on the eyes!Mine eyes have now beheld true beauty.And beauty is in the eye of the beholder...a simple piece of vintage organza floating delicately over the frame of a scalloped edge shade...sheer romance.The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Take time to reflect.When something catches your eye, take a sniff, too...with Aloha Orchid candles you'll be in bliss!

Seeing is believing!
Oh, what a sight for sore eyes! Prism-y chandeliers make us melt every time...The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul...Oh, what an eye-full...a few pictures of serenity...Sisters style.



It all looks so good! How much are the guys in the first photo? Want them!

Flair Vintage Decor said...

I love everything!

MEM said...

As the flash cards say, I MUST GET. To Iowa and check out your great stuff......