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07 January 2014

It's 2014!! Welcome Home!!!

It's gonna be a FANTASTIC year here at Sisters Garden and Bloom! Lots to explore, inspire, experience...and even more to unearth!!!
We will have fabulous furniture, all things of nature, finds new and old of every kind and color!
Hello friend! Everything is brand new...so much happiness to share together!
Freshness will abound in 2014...all to welcome you home to Sisters and Bloom!
Shine on, sweet sun! It may be freezing-beyond-believing outside, but we're bringing the sunshine in!
We'll have many items to add to your collections, or to begin new inspirations for your home!
It's a NEW YEAR...a new chance to embrace all you've been dreaming about...we're gonna LOVE seeing you in 2014! Lots at Sisters Garden and Bloom to intrigue and inspire you! WELCOME HOME!!!

1 comment:

pathtojunkentreasure said...

You are on my list to visit this year. Everything looks so exciting! Milena