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02 February 2013

Lovey Dovey Day is on the Way!!!

Let those you love...know...that you love them...BIG TIME!!!
We've named this tall paper pooch Valentino Valentine...he's excited to spread a little love your way for the big day!!
We have scents beyond scents for you to relax in exhilaration...
Isn't she lovely? A piece created by an artist in Arizona that beckons us to "dream a little dream"...beauty always...
Love-ly burlap and lace bags...fill them with affectionate sentiments for Valentine's or any day that needs something a little special...
Big heart, big love, and I'll take a big box o' CHOCOLATE!
You MUST see our array of vintage Valentine cards and postcards...send the LOVE!
You guys are all so very fine, won't you be our Valentine?? SPREAD the love, SEND the love, GIVE the love, and BE LOVED!!!

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