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29 November 2012

Great Scott, We've Got Great Gifts!

It's our busy time of year! Hurry in for great gifts and fresh finds! Like these vintage snow topped houses we just can't get enough of...we've got a village here people!
 Simple and beautiful - stockings to be filled for Christmas day!
Iron chandeliers you can decorate any which way, and check out this ginormous old hornet's nest - yikes!
 Great green park bench! Lovity, lovity, love!
Gorgeous old pictures, oils, canvases, and prints ready for any decor - to cover up that hole in the wall in the case Santa misses the chimney...
Great Scott, we've got farm tables galore - now that's a great stocking stuffer!
Find those one-of-a-kinds here, just waitin' to be wrapped up and tied with a bow!

1 comment:

cconz said...

Wow barb, how much for the nest? I have someone here that would love to have it.