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08 May 2012

What a Breeze!

Happy day! Today, at our stores, the cool breeze is blowing and we're towing in fun finds that get us going! Check out this display with these unbelievable vintage railroad signs...it's the real thing, baby!
Interesting finds catch a "cool" breeze like this neat gold frame showcase with old black velvet backing!
This cottage picture is simply gorgeous in person - looks like no breeze 'a blowin' in their garden!
Loving Cavallini products like these Flora and Fauna stickers great for stationary, scrapbooking, packages, and decorating!
Looks like these pretties were going for Best in Show! And we have more not pictured...vintage Armstrong's displays - they are so cool! Come by to see all the new and very unusual finds we've been blowin' and towin' in!


Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

I stopped by your store for the first time on Saturday and absolutely loved it! I will be back! Your displays are fantastic!


Oh my...Wow...so many cool things! I'll be down on Thursday, can't wait to see all this cool stuff!