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Friday, March 31st & Saturday, April 1st
10am - 5pm Both Days
Be our guests for a fun time, special drawings, sweet treats, & visual inspiration at its BEST!

03 December 2011

Merry Mischief!

Merry mischief to you! We're cooking up a bit of fun with items like our holiday stationary from Papaya! Oooo...gift tags, stickers, calendars, Christmas cards and more!We are lions...hear us roar!Got milk? And don't forget the cookies for Santa!What a gift! This glass flower frog is mighty pretty! It's all in the details with this one...Oh, you little mischievious elf! Hang in there...Santa will be here soon!

New dome cloche and mercury pedestal sets! Wow-ee!Thanks for stopping by...Santa says "remember to be nice" - we say "...with maybe a little merry mischief!"

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