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26 July 2011

The Love of TEXTURE

We love the thought of TEXTURE. Texture makes a display go from "bada bing" to "bada boom"! And life is full of inspiration, seeing the textures all around us...

Check out these FABULOUS, much textured shell chandeliers...they give off the most beautiful glow and they sound so peaceful as the breeze blows through A true love knot chandelier - And look at this black table! If you love the shape and style of this one, you're in luck - we have 2! These half moss mounds are full of texture and fun...they add that pop of color without any fuss...and you just wanna touch 'em.

Ooooo...more mini cloches for your little delights...

These olives are sold by the box - and they got the texture right! You don't want to take a bite of these, but they're really making us hungry...anyone have cheese and a great loaf of bread?

We have many different textures in our treasures to show you - many things to feed the senses and make the soul inspired...take a few moments to relax here - reflecting on all the textures of YOUR life...and LOVE who you are today because of them...

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A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose said...

Mmmmm...olives...I'm on my way!!!