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11 December 2010

Take a closer look . . .

When you visit our blog, it's hard to see every detail in one picture -

the chance to smell,

to see the true sparkle,

and to touch everything - these things are only experienced by walking through our doors.

When you visit, we want you to do a little bit of relaxing,
taking time for reflection . . . . .

. . . to savor the present moment . . .

The wonderful pieces that come in and out of our doors visit us for only a short time, and while they're here, we love seeing you fall in love with those perfect treasures that will add charm to your home. Come in soon and experience the surprises that await you . . . . . .

1 comment:

simplyiowa said...

The Store Is TRULY ON IT'S EAR!!!
It is such a Joy, to walk through those doors....and, you are so right, about things finding new homes Quickly... While I was there, last week...the trucks kept hauling things away! Everyone, had Big Smiles! and... the Gals couldn't wait to get their new Treasures Home! Keep up the Amazing Work!
My Love to Ya!
Barb C.