Spring is here at SISTERS GARDEN & BLOOM!
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Friday, March 31st & Saturday, April 1st
10am - 5pm Both Days
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30 January 2010

Paris anyone?

We think this could be a fun flea market adventure for anyone of you who is interested!

We know Anita - the tour guide - and know she'd be an excellent guide down the streets of Paris.

Check out her blog for more pictures and info for the trip - the deadline is February 15!

Visit iowajunkgypsies.blogspot.com and email her there to find out the details! Bonjour!


Anita said...

Thanks for the shout out ladies! And am loving my dining room table with that green grass runner....it says SPRING every time I walk in here....

simplyiowa said...

Hey Girls!
I really enjoyed the last 2 days, hanging out at 'Sisters', we had a great time, and it was like a breath of fresh air! Everything was stunning!!!
Barb C.