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21 February 2009

Take Time to Reflect

We love old mirrors!! They have such character! If you think about mirrors, they come in so many sizes, shapes and uniqueness. They've been with us for centuries - ALL KINDS! Some are beveled, some need resilvering, some are cracked - but we love each kind! And when you have a shop they are great to display with!! They show themselves off - and also the merchandise around them . . . take time to reflect . . . enjoy a selection of our mirrors below.


JB Knacker said...

Love your post on mirrors! The shop looks wonderful! Hope to get your way soon. Brenda

Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

I think I am going to have to venture your way. I just see jbknacker left a post, maybe we should visit together! We would probobly have to bring a semi-trailer! We all love alot of the same things and different too. Hope you can stop by here sometime!

Sweet Repose said...

You can never have enough mirrors...or anything else for that fact...right...we are just born junkers! Everything looks wonderful, as usual...is it spring yet, gittin closer by the minute!

See ya soon...probably early Saturday mornin...I'll let cha know...s

Anita said...

we sooo love mirrors too- just seems our reflection is not quite right ins me of them...so we just want the skinny mirrors....

Off to Kane...

Anita & Judy