Spring is here at SISTERS GARDEN & BLOOM!
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Friday, March 31st & Saturday, April 1st
10am - 5pm Both Days
Be our guests for a fun time, special drawings, sweet treats, & visual inspiration at its BEST!

27 January 2011

There is much joy.....

There is joy in the hope of green, growth and garden.
There is joy in the written word...to feel the pages, the scent of age, to be surprised with every turn of the story.

There is joy in history, and bringing new life to the every day items of the past.

There is joy in the things that are beautiful to us...cracks and all.

There is joy in adding that extra something to a gift for a friend, a fresh dinner party, or a treasured photo or postcard.

There is joy in a simple gift, the scents of the coming spring, the colors that calm and invigorate.
In these January days, we are finding joy in our stores with newness and excitement! We invite you...as you gather those unique finds that leave you saying, "There is much joy"!